Elsword - Noutati

Monştrii răi, eroi calmi
Monştrii răi, eroi calmi
Cristalul vieţii a distrus şi a lăsat răni adânci în o dată pitorescul Elios. Bandiţi, animale sălbatice şi creaturi teribile sunt conduc acum continentul. Devino unul din eroii rămaşi şi experimentează povestea lor magică.

Elsword - Noutati

Elsword: Halloween Pre-event


Seek out Arirod's Hideout!

Date: 8. October - 15. October 2014

  • Timer: a character (level 10+, per account) that is connected to the game for 30 minutes receives 1 'Map of Arirod's Hideout'.
  • Repeat quest available from Aranka (level 10+): 'Arirod's Hideout'; requires: 2x dungeon with matching level; reward: 1 Aranka's Thank-you Coupon
  • Quest available from Aranka (with Map of Arirod's Hideout in inventory): 'Aranka's Thank-you'; requires: 1 Map of Arirod's Hideout, 30x Aranka's Thank-you Coupon; reward: either Coupon for Luriel's Blessed Time-Space Scroll (15 days), Exchange Coupon for Luriel's Fluorite Stone (15 days) or Luriel's Upgrade Scroll Lv.6

* Aranka's Thank-you Coupon can be exchanged with Aranka for one of the following items:

  • 1 coupon: 1x Cube with a Resurrection Stone, 1x Seed from El's Tree, 1x Potion of Resolve, Luriel's Recovery Potion
  • 10 coupons: 10x Enhanced Magic Stone, 10x Luriel's Power Boost Potion, 10x Eldrit Shard (unknown)

Have fun!

Your Elsword Team

Elsword: Happy Hour


Elsword's in the quarter finals! We're celebrating with a happy hour: get 20% more El Coins with every top up between the hours of 2 PM and midnight on 2nd July 2014!


Elsword: Cool new avatar set


Sprained ankle? Bumped your elbows? Not to fear, the Elios medics are here! Get the cool new avatar set!

To combat a sore throat, we prescribe a tasty and cold ice cream. Or as an alternative cure, try a flight on the back of the Ice Dragon. Just don't mix them!

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